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Brad-Hall Loves the Smell of the New Yeezied Boost

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Legendary sneaker reviewer Brad Hall is back from his hiatus to hilariously review the new Light Up Sneakers Yeezied 350 .
Known for his deadpan delivery and dry sense of humor, Brad gets down and deep with his new purchase of the sneaker that everybody is talking about. Only things take a turn for worse when he receives an email halfway through shooting that he must return the sneaker after the review, and that he must not, under any circumstance, try on the shoe.
An emotionally distraught Hall daydreams about trying them on and “bouncing around” as he strokes, caresses and smells the sneaker, which apparently “smells like no other sneaker he’s ever had.” He then carefully returns them into the paper tissue and gargantuan shoe box as he contemplates his loss. Poor Brad.
Watch the funny clip above, and afterwards check out his review of the FlashShoes Tubular X below. 
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