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How to Make LED Sneakers

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How to Make LED Sneakers

Inspired by the LED light-up shoes video, I decided to explore the relationship between low-cost, locally-manufactured shoes as part of a usa that has been, and LED technology, which is representative of a USA that will be. The result is an unwearable, hybrid object that has the ambition of spotting a light. This is USA shaping herself to shine!

You basically lost everything you enjoyed doing as a child. So do yourself a favor and remember the good times by creating your own LED shoes that light up when you walk.You don't remember the last time you gorged out in the candy aisle. You try to eat healthy. You talk about things like politics and the economy and lumbar support. Your adult self is pretty much a failure to your 8-year-old childhood self. You don't buy toys for yourself anymore.
Basically, you're making a velostat step sensor in the heel pop colors on your feet. So worth it.


July 15, 2016

Very COOl

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