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T046 The First Generations Remote Control

T046 The First Generations Remote Control




The First Generation Of Flash Shoes Remote Control Upgrade Kit

Want a pair of FlashShoes with double the led colors and double the fun? For only $25, upgrade your existing pair of led sneakers from FlashShoes so they become compatible with a handheld remote for an easy and accessible way to change the modes and colors on your light up shoes. It's easy! Just replace the existing battery in your FlashShoes with the new battery that works directly with the Remote Control. The remote upgrade includes up to 16 different led color options ranging from red to green and blue to white while still having the ability to choose between 5 different color changing modes.

What's Included? FlashShoes Color Changing Remote Control & Remote Compatible Battery.

Every Pairs Of The LED Shoes Can Install With a Remote Control, So if You Order Remote Control ,  We Will Help You To Install It Free.(A Remote Control Can Control Many Pairs Of The LED Shoes)

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